The Glen Hotel has been part of the Island's history since being built in the mid 1800's. It was originally the home of the landlord John Stoupe Charley, and was known as " The Big House ".

In 1922 Jack Boyle, a native of the Island bought the building and later converted it into a hotel, according to guest book records was up and runnning by 1928.

Major extensions in the 1930's were carried out, four new bedrooms were added to the far end of the building. In 1933 " The Mango" came ashore on the west side of the island. The ladder of the boat was taken to the hotel and used as a fire escape and is still in use here. There was an ice cream  parlour at the hotel in the 1950's, which was later converted into a shop and was in operation until 1968. The old bar was constructed from the cabin of the ship " The Forest Monarch" that came ashore in 1846.

Jack and his wife Hannah had one son Phillie, he married Mary Gallagher and in 1954/55 Jack retired and Phillie and Mary took over the running of the business, after some years Jack passed away in july 1964. His wife Hannah succeeded him until 23rd November 1983, when she passed on age 99 years young!

 Phillie continued to run the hotel until 1989 when he retired and his son, Phillip Boyle took over the business, in 1994 Phillip married Annemarie and together they run the hotel to the present day.

points of interest.

In 1875 there was a Presbyterian Church built in the field behind The Glen Hotel. However there is nobody actually burried in this area. It was demolished in the late 1930's, but the foundations can still be seen.

There is an old cannon ball to be seen at the hotel. The ESB workers found it on Rutland Island when the first electric cables were laid. It was given to Jack and Phillie Boyle in 1956, the cannon ball has been there sine Grainne O'Mally gave orders to shell the English fort in Rutland.

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